Business Tuning – Equipment Project Creation

The service that will bring your business to a new level.

  • Equipment Project

Creating a project for the technical/kitchen equipment in accordance with your menu, budget and potential. In addition to knowing what to buy, more importantly, we also know what not to buy and from where.

  • Franchise Consulting

We may advise you about the possibilities to join an existing brand by franchising and provide you with a business plan for that. We know the successful examples around the world and are ready to share them with you.

  • Facility Registration and Control Systems

A thing putting people off the restaurant industry is the bureaucracy, but we should admit there is reason behind that, having in mind the responsibility for the customers’ health. GD Hospitality will suggest and implement systems for self-monitoring of the personnel which will be observed. In this way, numerous conflicts will be avoided, between them as a team, between you and them, and the most unpleasant ones – between the controlling authorities and you. We will prepare for you all the documents for registering a facility in the Food Agency and will assist you in the process.

  • Menu Concept and Technological Cards

Your menu reflects who you are, what your values are and why you do what you do. We can help making it so that it will reflect you in the best way, while it’s still in accordance with your technological, human and financial resources. We will also make for you technological cards with recipes that will help your team so that each plate that goes out to the customers will have identical quality and taste.

  • Working with Suppliers

We know many of the people in the industry and we can recommend who to work with and how, for the various elements of your service. We know how much everything costs and what the successful practices are, and we’ll teach you, too.

  • Personnel Management

Preparing a staff list with the most necessary people for you, including professional profiles and positions. We make trainings which goal is you having a team which is skilled, motivated and proud to work with you, providing the customers with the best possible service.

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