Action for The Active – Services for Working Restaurants

  • Technological audit and new technologies implementation

New software or equipment for the heart of your restaurant – the kitchen. We will consult your choice, from identifying the need to the final purchase.

  • Self-monitoring system development for your restaurant

Documentation that certifies to the authorities the products freshness, the bar cleanliness, etc, is boring, but mandatory. We will help you in the accurate keeping and filling-out of all the papers for your restaurant.

  • Creation of a menu and a wine list

Magnificent interior and the most intriguing concept can sooner or later be failed by one thing – the menu. You need to make sure that your offering of food and drinks not only reflects your image, but are also adequate to your capacity, storing possibilities, the personnel and suppliers’ skills and the level of your technical equipment.

  • Personnel recruitment and structuring

In the service industry, all comes down to the people. We will give advice what people and how many you will need for your facility, plus how you can structure their duties in the most professional way which is also according to the global standards.

  • Implementation of a management system for the facility (restaurant software)

The time for manual entering and endless records in the cash register is over. We will install and maintain software for your facility that allows you to follow products availability and sales and which is directly connected to your fiscal devices, in this way making sure that you are impeccable before the state authorities.

  • Marketing and digital consultations

There is no successful service if it doesn’t receive recognition by customers. We will help you reach the right audience and will match our marketing and advertising campaign to your budget and your needs, so that we make the best of it. Web site, social and traditional media, outdoor advertisement, cross-marketing, specialised events – all that may work for your successful business.

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